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The best of both worlds

City of Gosnells feature

Many of us dream of a sea or tree change – of waking up to birds singing, of spending our days in close proximity to nature and dropping to sleep without the roar of traffic. However, we tend to leave such upheavals to our later years, when the house is paid off and the kids have flown the coop.

Instead of the delaying the dream, it’s now possible to have the change by moving to the Perth foothills, where residents enjoy all benefits of a rural lifestyle, yet still being close to the city to not disrupt career or education.

Imagine driving home after a hard day in the office and being able step outside and gaze up at the Hill or take the dog for a walk in open bushland. With trees all around, the uncanny quiet and clear skies, the stress will pour out of your body, like one long sigh of relaxation.

Buying in a superb new development, such as The Embankment at Riverhaven (in the foothills suburb of Martin) doesn’t mean you’re going to be beamed into an episode of Green Acres. Martin is located within the City of Gosnells, which is rich in entertainment and leisure activities and lifestyle offerings.

It all starts with breakfast. In her article ‘The top places for brekkies and coffee in the Perth hills’ Liz Sheehan declares that “the hills are alive with espresso machines” and that the best breakfasts are no longer found in the traditional hipster hubs of Leederville, Mt Lawley and Fremantle.

Ms Sheehan goes on to describe a series of superb eateries, all within easy reach of The Embankment development, ranging from the up-market Masonmill Gardens in Carmel, with it manicured gardens and nature play area for children, through to Roleystone’s SoulJahs Café and Wellness Centre, a magnet for New Agers.

After you’ve had your fill, it’s time for some exercise. If you like to get out and about there’s no shortage of walking, jogging and cycling trails, routes that both keep you safe from traffic and offer you the views you’d expect if you moved to the foothills or higher.

And you don’t need to walk or cycle alone. There are several walking and cycling groups in the area which give you both safety in numbers, as well as a wonderful opportunity to forge new friendships with like-minded residents.

If you like your activities to be indoors, or you have children, a more enticing option might be Leisure World – a state-of-the- art swimming centre with a gym and an array of fitness classes, providing a mix of activities for the entire family.

Whilst keeping the body fit is essential in a world where our jobs increasingly chain us to our desks, we mustn’t forget to feed our soul and nurture the minds, something which is well provided for within easy reach of The Embankment at Riverhaven.

The focal point of the arts activity in the area is the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre. A world-class facility that caters for theatre, music and dance, the centre is both an entertainment venue as well as facility for nurturing talent within the community.

There is also a great passion for visual arts in the district, linking it to a grand Perth Hills tradition. There is an Art Walk through the City of Gosnells, a series of awards and exhibitions encourage creativity within in the community and the Artist Lounge, a series of forums, seminars and workshops to take the work to the next level.

Gosnells is also well-known for its festivals, such as the Multi-Cultural Food Fair and the Homegrown Festival, a month-long celebration of artist ambition and achievement within the community. A community is forged on such joyous occasions.

And being a young community, Gosnells has plenty of activities for the children, from playgroups and scouts through to karate, swimming lessons and Little Athletics. You’ll never be at a loss to know what to do with the young ones in this vibrant, upcoming part of Perth.

While such activities are essential for families, the most valuable thing parents in Gosnells are giving their children, is simply being in Gosnells itself. With its strong sense of community and invigorating semi-rural lifestyle, Gosnells gives children a foothold in tradition without depriving them of all the opportunities offered by a major urban centre.

It really is the best of both worlds.

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